Visionary physicians understand the clinical environment must encompass true prevention, advanced diagnostics, in-depth patient education, advocacy and time.

By restoring, maintaining and promoting a sense of wellness and health in children, concierge medicine allows you to practice Better Medicine, Better Business, Better Outcomes®.

Our  pediatrician-created platform is based on years of concierge medical practice. We focus your business design on the key strategies of operational excellence, product leadership and customer intimacy.

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Build the practice you want around a parent-tested format at a pediatrician-friendly rate.

  1. Minimize common start-up mistakes
  2. Reduce the up-front cost of opening a practice
  3. Use proven marketing and management platforms
  4. Develop a technology system that maintains true patient privacy.
  5. Focus on what matters most – your family, your patients and your community


Gain expertise and advisement across the following areas:

  1. Legal Advisement
  2. Billing and coding compliance
  3. Financial planning and strategy
  4. Social media and public relations
  5. Operations and administrative resources
  6. Professional, branded practice website and marketing material
  7. Preferred pricing on clinical and administrative technology/products.


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